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If you own a hospitality business in the Hamilton area, you know that renovating even one or two elements can change the experience significantly for your customers, and help to reposition your hotel or restaurant in the marketplace. One design element that really makes an impression on clients is the stone countertop. For centuries, fine stone countertops and other accents were available only to the very wealthy. Stone was costly and time-consuming to extract, finish, and ship. Fortunately, in recent decades new technology has helped to make the process far more efficient, and less work-intensive. This has led to new affordability for consumers. However, the association of stone with luxury continues, and stone countertops lend elegance to any room.
Installing a stone countertop at the reception desk of your hotel, for example, will let patrons know immediately that they can expect premium service. Other options include installing stone countertops in every bathroom, stone accents in hallways and lobby areas, and a stone bar countertop in the lounge. Integrating luxurious stone into all areas of the hotel can transform the look of your establishment.
Similarly, installing stone tabletops in a restaurant or stone kitchen countertops in condo units signals that you care about the experience of your customer, and that you want to provide them with an experience that is extraordinary.

Condo Units

Studies have shown that stone countertops are a big selling point in the housing market. In fact, houses with stone countertops are likely to sell for more than their asking price! The same principle holds true for condos. Installing granite countertops on kitchen counters or islands, for example, can really boost the desirability of condo units. Add stone countertops in the bathroom to create a completely luxurious atmosphere!
Stone, because it is a natural product, is attractive to virtually everyone. Research has shown that people experience a calming effect when they're surrounded by design elements that are composed of natural material. As well, because it's known to be extremely durable, stone is timeless. Your stone countertops and other design elements will stand the test of time. They will never be out of style, and they will last for generations.
Caring for stone countertops is simple. A damp cloth can be used to wipe up spills, and a mild stone soap is all that's necessary for cleaning. Once a year natural slab countertops should be resealed with a sealant. Engineered stone, such as quartz, doesn't require sealing.


With proper care, stone countertops can last for generations. And, unlike other design elements, stone countertops will never go out of fashion. Fine stone has been a sought-after material since ancient Greek times. No matter how the décor of a room changes, a stone countertop will complement it.
Not only does stone add aesthetic value, it also adds monetary value. Because stone is so durable, it doesn't depreciate. Studies indicate that stone countertops are one of the features that are most attractive to prospective buyers.
Stone countertops – timeless, durable, and beautiful. Visit a Hamilton area stone supplier, and explore your options for installing natural stone.

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